Your Weekly Cultivation #34

Is your “organic” milk all you think it is: Why your ‘organic” milk may not be organic.  Truth is this is not restricted to milk as the label ‘organic’ has often just become that ‘a label” and is not what the consumer may think it is.

I have not had a chance to read this yet but this might be an interesting read: Soil Fertility and Animal Health by Dr. Wm. A. Albrecht

GMO’s – Top 5 Concerns For Family Farmers

Looking to build a partially earth-sheltered home, here are 5 tips

The Well Prepared Mama writes on What I Wish I knew Before I Started Homesteading

Looking to do some companion planting in your garden here is a list of some

Need to work in the garden getting rid of weeds – try the Planet Wizbang Wheel Hoe  that Herrick Kimball  sells the plans and some of the parts for but you make it yourself.  I have one and it works great.

Here is Episode 4 of The Victorian Farm – if you want to see them all you can do so here.

Edible Garden #3 – Roots & Leafy Greens

Interesting Documentary

Joel Salatin Talks Compost

Your Weekly Cultivation #33

If you do not listen to the North Country Farm Podcast you need to.  It seems lately I seldom can listen live (8PM EST on Fridays) but you can listen anytime after the show to a recoding of it.  This is from Scott who hosts the show:

“I’m setting up a special section on my website just for Patreon supporters. It will go live in June and will give you access to premium how to courses, videos and other useful stuff. If you have enjoyed the show and found it useful and entertaining, I would really appreciate your support. It would be great if we could at least cover the yearly expenses with small monthly donations. See the “Rewards Section” for details…”       You can sign up here 

The USDA has too much reach already but I guess it is not enough: USDA Silences Christian Farmers in Michigan 

Article from The Natural Farmer: Farming with Animals, Cover Crops, Manure, Mulches, and Minimal Tillage

It may just be me but something seems off with Cubic Farming and similar methods.   Does appear these methods, at least those at this site are very tied to the grid so not sure how they deal with it going down.  To me it is hard to beat God’s design for a garden but maybe I am just old fashioned:)

If you are in the Western North Carolina or Southern Appalachians area this search tool may useful: ASAP’s Local Food Guide. Wonder if there are similar tools elsewhere.

If you have looked up natural farming or permaculture you may wonder what the difference is.  Well here is one answer: How to Distinguish Permaculture from Natural Farming.

Always good to find lists of other bloggers as while all the info may not be what you are looking for having many resources makes the chances you do find what you need better.  Here is a list of 23 Homesteading Sites, I’m sure there are more and will post other lists in further posts.

Young Midwestern Farmers Want to Grow Sustainable Food – But They Need Help

Mobilizing veterans to feed America – Farmer Veteran Coalition

Here is Episode 3 of The Victorian Farm – if you want to see them all you can do so here.

Edible Garden #2  - Salads

The Secret History of the British Garden – Part 1 – The 17th Century

Joel Salatin – Solving World Problems (with Farming)

Your Weekly Cultivation #32

A Community Garden in Decatur that is a ministry of First United Methodist.  Check out Hughey Reynolds’ book The Land That Calls Me Home where he talks about the role the church plays in the recovery of small scale farming – yes it has a part.  You can also listen to an interview him at North Country Farmer Radio and another interview talking to Hughey a year later.

Soil fertility is a key part of growing anything and also what has been lost over time by ignoring tits importance and thinking one can just squirt or spread some chemical or product from the local farming store.  Here are 16 Methods to Understand when it comes to the fertility of your soil.

Consumerism plagues most of us – here are 9 Intentional Ways to Challenge Consumerism

How many of these 62 Edible Plants did you know were edible?

Do not take ticks lightly – Article on Lyme

Have you had your Dandelion Tea lately – maybe you should:  Dandelion Tea Great For Detox and Preventing Cancer

Got some old barrel drums that may have leaks or not being used for water collection, here is how to make raised beds from them

Here is Episode 2 of The Victorian Farm – if you want to see them all you can do so here.

The Gourmet Garden

Edible Garden #1 Peas & Beans

Your Weekly Cultivation #31

Hemp in Missouri: Missouri House Passes Bill to Allow Industrial Hemp

Hemp in KY: Senate OK’s Bill Updating KY Law Governing Hemp Growing

More hemp news: How one little plant could boot America’s economy

War kills in many was as in South Sudan it is creating famine by disrupting farming

More news on Glyphosate: Science Journal Calls for Immediate Review of Glyphosate Weed Killer.

And more as Court Rules Against Monsanto

Homesteading advice: Avoiding The Pit Falls of Failing as a New Homesteader

7 Reasons to Raise Rabbits

Suggestions for Companion Planting

If you did not already know this here is Why Americans Refrigerate Their Eggs

Equip International is having a Farming God’s Way USA  training session in North Carolina starting May 28th – June 2nd.  For info go to their event page on Facebook

I have posted the Wartime Farm videos before so over the coming weeks I will be posting the videos on The Victorian Farm – if you want to see them ahead of this you can see them all here.  For now here is Episode 1

While I see cool stuff here first and foremost I see indebtedness

Rural Not Rowdy – Britain’s Young Farmers

Seeds of Death:  Unveiling the Lies of GMO’s

Your Weekly Cultivation #30

A short list this week as things got busy:

When will we learn, we are not God and He will not be mocked:  Gene Editing Produces Tomatoes That Ripe Weeks Earlier

In time getting your garden ready are 27 Tips from a Master Gardener

Good post by Dan Grubbs: Stewardship and the Christian Farmer

We have lots of Red Buds around here in South-Central Ky but did not know you could make Reb Bud Jelly

Or how about Dandelion Jelly

12 States have bills dealing with the sale of raw milk.  Sad we can buy drugs that can kill us but not allowed to buy raw milk in most places.

Looking at homesteading: 9 Things to Think About

If you are looking to be more self sufficient here are 26 Steps to think about
If you cannot get your cows to come to you maybe you need an accordion

Need something new to rise, how about free range snails

The Drift – The Cattle Drive

Mob Grazing with Organic Pastures

Your Weekly Cultivation #29

Monsanto, the EPA and collusion – the web grows but will Monsanto at the end of the day get caught in it: Evidence EPA Colluded With Monsanto to Dismiss Cancer Concerns Grows Stronger

Now is the time to plan and learn to garden not when things fall apart: Post Apocalyptic Gardening: A Few Things You Should Know

Interested in Agroforestry then check out The Center for Agroforestry at the University of Missouri – Thanks to Michael Moss and Dan Grubbs for point this out.

Never would have thought you had to “hack” your tractor: Why American Farmers are Hacking Their Tractors with Ukrainian Firmware

Podcast with Jason Volk on Compact Farms and Part-time Farming

Need a Detoxifier – How about Harvesting and Using Dandelion Roots

Have need of a natural pain killer, you might want to try Wild Lettuce 

Allan Carlson writes on  - Agrarianism Reborn: On the Curious Return of the Small Family Farm

Much wisdom here from Quinn at Reformation Acres: 15 Reasons to Reconsider Your Homestead Dream.  Dreams and reality often collide and that is when you need to a take a hard look and see the direction you are going.  Dreams are good but how you achieve them has to be done in the context reality.  This is not about abandoning but reconsidering, there is a difference.

Food is the Answer:20 Years of Good Food

Food Is The Answer: 20 Years of Good Food (short version) from Georgia Organics on Vimeo.

Anyone tried Hugelkultur

Sepp Holzer – Farming with Terraces and Raised Beds

Farming with Nature

Woodleaf’s system approach to pest and soil management


Your Weekly Cultivation #28

Article my daughter wrote on her blog Hillbilly Blossom:  Saying Goodbye….For Now

Paradigm Gardens is an Urban Farm in the heart of New Orleans

Looking for ways to modify or improve your farm tools check out and see what they have to offer and watch the video below.

A list, with videos, of 34 Primitive Survival Skills that are good to know for survival and even for homesteading

A look at Unconventional Gardening Methods: Pros and Cons

Are you starting a garden this spring – might find some useful tips here

More tips for gardening if you Want the Healthiest Vegetables

Tips on ways to keep warm without spending more

While many cities and counties add restrictions to selling your produce it is good to see Denver Implement Urban Farming Program

Farm Aid looks at GMOs-Top Five Concerns for Family Farmers

Scott Terry of North Country Farmer interviews Jenni Blackmore author of Permaculture for the Rest of Us.  Also check out the interview with Jason Matyas from Beyond Off Grid which was recorded March 18th

Speaking of Beyond Off Grid have you gotten a copy of the DVD yet?  If not you can get one here: Beyond Off Grid Film

Videos for the Week

Paul Harvey getting started Video

Joel Salatin: What Gets Me Up in the Morning

Quite the use of a 1/4 Acre

Your Weekly Cultivation #27

Want to thank Michael Moss for the great links he posts that I often share here.  You may not know him but he is in a FB group, or two, I am in – Thanks Michael.

More on the Sam Girod story here and there are links in the article to past articles if this is new to you.  Really held without bail – bad enough he is being sentenced for labeling issues and bad enough there is maximum penalty of 68 years but no bail as well.  This is the Gov’t trying to flaunt it’s power because someone did not bow down to them.

Sad you do not see this more but it has been my experience that many who would want to do this are either dissuaded or not permitted to by Gov’t regulations:  Quebec Grocery Store Give Unsold Produce to Food Banks

No big surprise here: Monsanto Colluded with the EPARegarding Roundup and Cancer

Hard to believe, well not really, with all the “real” crime that takes place daily even in the supposed bastion of freedom “Texas” that sheriffs raid raw milk exchanges.  But then again as you have seen above a guy can go to jail for 68 years for labeling issues.  Sadly so many people are duped into thinking this is for the publics own good that there is not the uproar there should be.  Bottom line is if you think raw milk is unsafe no one is making you buy it but those that see its benefits should be not be stopped from buying it.

Working to get rid of and control weeds can be tough – here are 6 tips.  The issue we have here in KY is that often the soils is damp and when I use my wheel how it often just pulls up clumps of weeds.  If the rain stays away and it is either cld or hot they may die but if it rains they just take root again.

Often people paint homesteading in a light that makes it out to be idyllic, but here are 7 Truths about Homesteading from A Farmish Kind of Life

Over at Stoney Acres there is an article on planting in Zones 4 to 6 and one on planting in Zone 7

My renewal just came up so it reminded me to remind you to think about joining the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund

A tour of Purple Pear Farm in New South Wales Australia

The importance of understanding your soil and the use of cover crops

Economics of Draft Animal Power

Organic farming in Cuba by necessity

2 weeks ago I posted the Back to Eden video so here is Wranglerstar’s view on using wood-chips – again this is not the only way!  But protecting ones soil is of utmost importance.

Your Weekly Cultivation #26

After last weeks post it appears they put Sam Girod in Jail.  Sure glad the Gov’t is protecting us from those dangerous criminals.

If you are looking for a no-till drill this may be the one for you:  The Genesis No-Till Drill

Homeopathy is not just for humans: Homeopathy Simplified, for the Shepherd

Often it is proposed that the only way to feed the world is via GMO’s and even National Geographic wants to press this falsehood:  Flawed Nat Geographic Propaganda Claims Organic Farming Can Feed the World – But Only With GMO’s

This article is talks about the growth of the Organic sector due to America’s Appetite for Organic Food.  What is not talked about is whether this is sustainable as often when the growth of an industry is based on the ever changing desires of the masses they often do not last.  Hope it does last but you just never know with peoples fickle wants.

Article on the issues with farming in India and a possible solution being Zero-Budget Natural Farming

If you have heard of Mob Grazing but not sure what it is here is an article: Mob Grazing Made Simple.  This guy is skeptical of Mob Grazing but he only talks about cows and some I have read that use this method use a number of animals all of which eat differently but still good to hear skeptical opinions so we make sure we have looked at something from all perspectives.

If you are going to grow a garden it is important to think about what you are about to do: The Only Way A Garden Will Save You Money

If you are looking at homesteading you need a copy of Scott Terry’s Keys to Successful Homesteading.

Also, don’t forget to get a copy of the DVD Beyond Off Grid


OK it’s Romania Video Day 

Life as a Farmer in a Romanian Village – Trailer

Romania Hay Camp – Part 1 of 3  |  Here are Part 2 and Part 3

Romania Wild Carpathia

Discover Romania

Your Weekly Cultivation #25

My daughter writes on changes to take place at our home in KY: A Change in Direction

If you are interested in learning about hog butchering and you are in the vicinity of Brinkhaven Ohio, or willing to travel, check out Reformation Acres Hog Butchering workshop.  If you would like to see a recap of the last workshop you can do so HERE.

Chris Smaje of Vallis Veg, a small farm in the southwest of England writes on “Market Gardening”:  The revolution will not be market gardenized: some thoughts on Jean-Martin Fortier

Good to see the land being handed over to those that live on it:  Indonesian President Hands Over Management of Forests to Indigenous People

Yes you can go to jail for not labeling things correctly: Amish Farmer Sam Girod is in Jail.  Also, here is the latest from 2/28/17.  Also, KY Free Press has an Update as well on Day 1 of the trial.

When will the Gov’t get it and let hemp be the cash crop it could be:  Local Hemp Importer Waiting for Rule Change

Yes you can get Organic Rye Whiskey in Florida

In India a tech firm has it’s employees growing their own food:  Manyata Tech Park is Organic

Article that looks at the lab and the field:  Addressing the Gap Between Research and Practice in Sustainable Agriculture 

Good article on a foreigners thoughts on rural America:  An English Sheep Farmer’s View of Rural America

As I have mentioned before if you are looking at homesteading you need a copy of Scott Terry’s Keys to Successful Homesteading yet?

Also, don’t forget to get a copy of the DVD Beyond Off Grid

Permaculture Project in Portugal

If you have not seen the Back to Eden video you can see it here for free.  Good stuff in the video and much useful information but we need to realize that this is not the only way to garden as many have sort of taken that if you do it any other way it is not biblical and thus not correct.  My suggestion is watch the video and discern what you need to use.

Here is a Back to Eden update form October of 2016, documentary was originally released August 11, 2011

Looking to make a chicken coop