Your Monthly Cultivation #48

Looks like I am changing the name again as time and finding good stuff to share is not always easy to find.  Thus I will be posting an update monthly, or thereabouts, for now.

If you have not read Born Again Dirt it is a must read and here is your opportunity to win a copy form Redeeming the Dirt

How many people realize that the farmer suicide rate is twice that of veterans?  The problem is the whole system needs to be looked at and not just throw money at it, even if that could happen.  We have become so used to food becoming a smaller part of our over all budgets many do not realize that decrease does come at a cost to the producer, the farmer.

Good to see how God is using Foundations for Farming in Zimbabwe

More on the Monsanto/Dicamba issues.   The excuse from Monsanto – that “The EPA process was lengthier than usual,” – might be interpreted actually mean - Our usual pushing through of untested poisons did not go as we had liked thus lets blame the farmers.

This will not stop with Dicamba as weeds will grow resistant to it as well and they will come up with something else.  The issue goes farther than Dicamba as other herbicides are used that may benefit one person and harm another.  The harm here is not simply about inconvenience but also ends up being so much more.  Sadly the companies that make this stuff still rake in the bucks while farmers then become embroiled in such issues as shown in the article.  The days of asking how what we do will affect others seem to be gone.

Ever try making Maple Pie well here is how to do it from North Country Farmer

I can attest to this – Do not make your garden too big

This article is about my good friend Mike Brabo and his farm – Vesterbook : Missouri organic family farm faces ruin after herbicide drift.

Interesting look at organics and the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB).  And more on the subject here with the following statement being very telling about an agenda: “Inclusiveness is important in our food system.”

A look at how our ancestors lived while eating bacon, lard and whole milk.  One comment in the article relates to infant mortality and if it was removed the average is much higher.  Interesting because if you went the other way today and factored in infant mortality with abortion and thus used Zero as the age the average life expectancy today would, in all likelihood, today be much lower than it was then.

I do not want to day there is never a time you should plow but it is best to know the full affect plowing has on the soil and not simply plow because that is what has always been done: The No-Till Gardening Revolution: Why Farmers are Putting Down Their Plows

Need some ideas for gifts for your homesteading, farming and all around country folk

Noah Sanders writes on making plans – even if they do not work out

Scott Terry of North Country Farmer writes on How to Make a Living on a Farm, but I warn you this article is probably not what you expect:)

Edwardian Farm Episode 11

A look at the Foundations for Farming tour of the Training Center in Zimbabwe

Cheese Making, Farming & Sawmilling in the Slovenian Alps


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