Your Bi-Weekly Cultivation #47

List of 40 Natural Herbs and Spices that are used for pain

What can we learn from a pig farmer in South Africa

In the west we have organic but in the east such as in Korea they have Natural Farming.  All basically a response to the strangely named, ay least to me, “Green Revolution” and its largely chemical based agriculture.  The only thing green was the money that lined the pockets of the pesticide companies.

Speaking of Korean Natural Farming – Natural Farming Hawai’i is working to transmit the principles form Korea to Hawaii

As always good stuff from North Country Farmer: The Spindle. Simple, Beautiful, Agrarian Tool

Hemp news: In New York, In Kentucky, In Wisconsin, In Minnesota and elsewhere

Check out the “Steader” Kickstarter site as they reached their goal but with about 50 hours left there is still to get in

Growing Rosemary, its one of the easiest herbs to grow

Seems the author bases his conclusion on reality TV which is far, from what i can tell, from real.  That said there is truth in his statement that “Self-reliance is for the most part a myth” since God did not create us to live being independent but interdependent so that seeking to live apart from others is not how were created.  Thus when looking to homestead you can look to separate form the masses of humanity in cities but seek to congregate with others of like minds so you can share the gifts God has created you with.  Yet to find anyone with all the gifts, except the one that calls us and equips us -  The Lord Himself.

I think I have linked to this before: Agrarianism Reborn: On the Curious Return of the Small Family Farm

I am sure these issues face more than farmers just in the Northeastern portion of the US.  May have shared this before but the minimum wage bent will truly affect the small farm as most who talk about some mythical number never truly work out the full repercussions.  The comment at the end of the minimum wage post, “Some farmers feel that the Living Wage movement can be an opportunity for farms to achieve higher prices.” is an example of one such error in thinking.  Since higher prices will move people to ask for further hikes in minimum wages and so it goes with the only option for those forcing the issue to be to ask for price controls and then no one wins in the end.
Edwardian Farm Episode 10

Chris Trump explains Korean Natural Farming

Bottom line is think ahead even if it delays things some

Jerry apps on Barns of Wisconsin

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