Your Bi-Weekly Cultivation #46

While precedent has been set to sue when conventional farming pesticides invade organic farms we will need to see how this plays out.  Conventional farming backed by Big Ag has a lot of money behind it.

If you are interested in Back to Eden gardening here is how to figure out how much you need in the way of woodchips

 A look at grazing in the forrest also known as silvopasturing

Can purple potatoes be useful in cutting risk of colon cancer

Have you been thinking about raising rabbits, well here are 5 Reasons to Raise Meat Rabbits

While not necessarily directly agrarian related it does relate to all of life for the child of God – Christ is Enough For Me – by Antoinette Konvalin

Organic coffee farming Laos

A Kickstarter program by a friend of mine, John Moody – STEADER: Skills For Abundant Living – Steader is an online, video-based learning platform with courses taught by leading homesteading and sustainability experts.

Egg labeling and a look at a Vital Farms Ad that calls out the competition

Is vinegar the answer to help plants resist drought

Want homesteading to be easier one of these 7 suggestions may help.  Number 1 is where many fail as in homesteading people often seek to distance themselves from others but God did not make us to be be independent but interdependent so when we purposefully seclude ourselves things often fail

From Bartlett Farms5 More Money-SavingTips for Living the Real Food Life. – For more info form Bartlett Farms here is their Blog page

Speaking of Bartlett Farms, here is there 2017 farm tour video

Edwardian Farm Episode 9

How to “Grow” From Farming Failures

Rora Valley Farms Story

Kevin Fulton: Holistic Ranching

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