You Bi-Weekly Cultivation #45

A couple recent posts by Scott Terry from North Country Farmer:   Hurricane Preparedness  for the Homesteader (Podcast) and also an Agrarian Family Reading List

Not sure of all of the issues that led to this  at Versaland Farm as you would think that the plans shared in the video would benefit everyone but one thing I have found is many small towns may say they want to grow but often do not and even if they do it is in a particular way.  One thing I take from this is that if you ave big plans for your land whether it seems right or not you might want to consider revealing those plans with the local authorities.  I realize the Gov’t should not stick it’s nose in to most of the things it does but that is the world we live in and if one wants to avoid issues touch base with someone to at least see if you may have road blocks in the future.  You may still get them if they say everyighn is OK but at least you can point back to previous conversations.  I will be keepign an eyo on this to see how it progress and you might want to as well.

If you grew garlic and have harvested it that is just the start of the process: How to Manage Your Garlic Harvest

The goal to move people to the city is largely taken care of itself as more people move to them on their own accord but there are also in the works ways to move this that resist: Rural Cleansing in Idaho and Montana.  I do not share this to alarm but so the general plan the Gov’t at large has can be seen.  People in cities are easier to control – just look at what China has been doing and see how often homesteading is made more difficult.

Speaking of control it reminded me of this Christian Farm and Homestead Radio interview with Sally Oh and their talk on the Gov’ts war on the Small Farm

Many who claim to be environmentalists often blame big business and money for the problems they want to solve with more control but as with most things the foundation and monetary support for the environmental movement is from those that seek to profit from it.  Sad part is those that I believe have good intentions get duped as do those fighting the issue and neither fight the true movers and shakers as they are happy with us underlings fighting each other.

Hmm, lots of stuff linked to Scott Terry this week but when there is good stuff I need to share it.  Scott writes on how A Healthy Economy Begins with a Healthy Economy

Good to see this: Red Lake Leaders Hope Organic Farm Can Feed Tribe Members

Not a new article but one that needs to be read if you are thinking about buying storable food: Storable food companies achieve high calorie counts with cheap GMO corn, soy and sugars

Some reasons organic “can” be better for you.  I say “can” because often organic is not what you think it is because now that there is money to made in organic those that want to prosper are finding ways to push the boundaries of what is “organic.”  Bottom line is know where your food is from and how it is grown if at all possible.

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