Your Bi-Weekly Cultivation #44

How often do we see this and we never learn: This miracle weed killer was supposed to save farms. Instead, it’s devastating them.  This is not just a news story as it affects real people.

This is one way to control things: 29 States Just Banned Laws Banning Seed Laws

Gov’t Food Guidelines are more often than not driven by other than nutrition and science.  It is interesting how the USDA was instrumental in early food guidelines and thus you have to ask how much was driven by the science of health and the need to keep one crop or food source propped up over another: Food Science Meets Food Politics: A History of USDA’s Nutritional Guidelines.    You see this when you research the rise of vegetable oils such as Crisco and the vilifying of saturated fats

It is a small world, we are visiting friends and found that Sean and Monica Mitzel live nearby but not sure we will get out that way to see the work they have done. – Sean and Monica Mitzel, Permaculture Designers and Hosts of ‘The Prepared Homestead’ Podcast - The Prepared Homestead Podcast

Being out of town for work so much lately I know I am missing the time to plant for winter: Sowing mid-August for Winter Harvest

An older post from Scott Terry, and one I have linked to before, but still one to re-read or read for the first time if you have not read it before: A Strong Agriculture, the Foundation of a Free and Independent Nation

Is it just me or do people just not get it that minimum wages solve nothing long term.  Sure people initially may benefit but once prices adjust then we are back to square one or probably -1.   Minimum wages for farm workers will just raise costs and thus food prices and in the end the winner, at least initially, will be big Ag as they move to automation to displace workers to keep prices down since the small guy cannot afford to automate but then that will fail as no one will have jobs to buy things no matter how cheap they are.

Anyone grow any of these 7 Fall Harvested Gourmet Veggies

While much of the focus on Hurricane Harvey has been on displaced families and damage to numerous cites it will have an impact on Texas Farmers

A look at poultry and our Great-Great Grandparents 

A Farm Story

2016 Bartlett Farm Tour – If you are up near Bottineau North Dakota you need to check out Bartlett Farms

Episode 7 of the Edwardian Farm

Redeeming the Dirt: Homemade Tomato Cages

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