Your Bi-Weekly Cultivation #42

Suicide and farming – it is real issue

Community gardens in New York – shows you can grow your own food almost anywhere if you are allowed to

Biodiversity: Past and Future in Organic Farming – Organic is only part of the answer because even a good things can be abused.  The truth is that farming needs to get back to looking at producing food as the primary focus and not profit.  Nothing wrong with profit but when it becomes the focus the production of food is often not seen in the light it needs to be seen.

Kansas Organic Producers (KOP) and the National Farmers Organization (NFO) are hosting a training workshop for beginning or transitioning organic farmers.

What impact will the Amazon purchase of Whole Foods have on food- here is one look at the subject.   One needs to remember that to drive prices down someone usually looses out and it is most often the first guy int eh food chain and in this case it is the small farmer

Have you had your soil tested – you might want to do so

Some basics on managing your seal

When western methods have not worked India has turned back to traditional farming methods

This article may be dealing with Dicamba Drift but the same problem no doubt exists with other pesticides migrating/drifting from their intended target for any number of reasons

Hmm, maybe its good I am on a Low Carb – High Fat (LCHF) diet with  drought in the west affecting wheat production

A little humor with regards to the recent attack on Coconut Oil by the AHA

Episode 5 of the Edwardian Farm

Gardeners’ World 2017 – Episode 5 (April 7, 2017)

Redeeming the Dirt: Farmer Lessons In Daily Rhythm and Routine. How Do We Structure Our Time?

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