Your Bi-Weekly Cultivation #41

So you may have thought there was only one kind of composting: The Many Types of At-Home Composting

Have a good friend involved in this as he was affected by the Dicamba damage

Dan, in his three part series on what he calls the Stewardculture Triad, writes in Part 1 on our Response to God, which in the end is Worship and Trust.  Part 2 and 3 will deal Our Response to God’s Creation and then Our Response to Each Other.

Do you know what is in your emergency food?

An older article but is organic really organic as USDA allowing over 20 synthetic substances in organic foods

Really, organic water – Organic Water Is A Sign That Americans Have No Idea What ‘Organic’ Is

Scott looks at how 1 Timothy 5:8 is about more than just going out and getting a job and buying stuff for ones family

Once again you have to ask if you really own the land you think you own: Farmer Faces a fine for plowing his land

Amish Farmers Square Off Against Big Organic in Milk Battle – Yep you read that correct “Big Organic.”  - Was bound to happen when money is involved.

The Organic Farming Research Foundation has New Educational Guides available

Some good video profiles at this site

Episode 4 of the Edwardian Farm

Gardeners’ World 2017 – Episode 4 (March 31 ,2017)

Redeeming the Dirt and Why Should Christians Farm?

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