Your Bi-Weekly Cultivation #40

Do you prune your tomato plants, here are 5 reasons you should

Is your milk organic, maybe not

Could your gluten intolerance really be Glyphosate poisoning

So, do you think these are the 10 worst garden weeds

Some ideas and tutorials on raised garden beds

How late in July can you plant Green Beans and still get a harvest

Got some left over pickle juice, here are 6 reasons not to dump it

Sheep breeding and measuring of performance 

Diatomaceous Earth – bug killer you can eat

The AHA may be pushing vegetable oil but “What’s so bad about Lard?” – the short answer nothing

An article on living the sustainable life

Video on Pruning Tomatoes

Latest video from Redeeming the Dirt on: Ditches, Swales, Ponds, and Capturing Water on a Hilly Homestead

Here is Episode 3 of The Edwardian Farm

2017 Gardeners World Episode 3

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