Your Bi-Weekly Cultivation #39

A recent article on whether Organic Agriculture Can Feed the World

An interesting look at Roots: Digging Deep Reveals the Intricate World of Roots

An article on soil: Minerals – The Big Four for Soil

A look at the Amazon purchase of Whole Foods.

Have to admit I had not heard of this one:  Milking Donkeys

With many finding purslane taking over their gardens here are 10 Amazing Benefits of Purslane 

With the AHA seeming to be doing a full court press with its reports that butter and coconut oil are bad here are some resources to the contrary:

Check out last weeks North Country Farmer Radio as Scott Terry talked to Nathaniel Burson about Drilling Your Own Well.  You can check out the show live on Fridays at 8PM EST at North Country Farmer Radio.  You can also help to support the show by signing up to be a supporter at the North Country Farmer Patreon page.


Here is Episode 2 of The Edwardian Farm

2017 Gardeners World Episode 2

Dirty Jobs Episode on Organic Coffee Grower

Organic Faming at the Alison Farm

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