Your Bi-Weekly Cultivation #38

Nice piece on Jayson Werth an outfielder for the Washington Nationals speaking on Organic Farming

Do you see God’s Grace in more places than just salvation, you should: Grace is the Currency of The True Economy

The Home Grown Food Summit is June 12 – 18, 2017 and is free to watch

Scott gives an update on his permaculture project in the southern part of New York

Think about helping Scott with the North Country Farm Podcast by becoming a Patreon subscriber

Melanie and Kevin Cunningham of Shakefork Community Farm talk about using oxen and dreaming big on their farm

I am sure there are more but here are 6 Reasons We’re Fatter Than 30 Years Ago.

One reason you should not simply take the term “organic” for granted: Contaminated Food From China Now Entering the US Under the “Organic” Label.  I remember once going to a store to get some frog legs and seeing they were form China and had to ask if this meant we did not have frogs in the US.

While some have questioned the viability of “organic” and you do need to be wary of what is truly what it says it is business is business and those who are in business to make money know “Organic” indeed can make money: Organic Sales Post Record Sales

Who knew that the knife you use could affect the nutrients in your food

Video on The Home Grown Food Summit

Here is Episode 1 of The Edwardian Farm

The Secret History of the British Garden Part 4 – The 20th Century

2017 Gardeners World Episode 1

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