Your Weekly Cultivation #37

Article on How to Buy and Eat Cruelty-Free Chicken

I eat very little if any corn so this will not affect me but it will probably affect someone – grow your own and it will not: Heavy Rains Are Turning U.S. Corn Fields Into Lakes

Keep seeing this over and over that when one looks for the Gov’t approval they in turn take control so that you have to ask for permission for everything:  Local Officials are Coming for Your Garden

Check out Noah Sanders Video Invitation to a Basic Backyard Gardening Course.  Also check out the rest of the Redeeming the Dirt website

Thinking of companion planting, here is a beginners guide

Starting a garden, Here are 5 Easy to Grow Vegetables

Also here are tips for the Healthiest Vegetables

If you have a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) nearby Here are 7 reason to Join

Be praying for Zimbabwe as heavy rains wash away roads, leaving crops stranded

Here is Episode 5 of The Victorian Farm – if you want to see them all you can do so here.

The Secret History of the British Garden Part 3 – The 18th Century

We Ain’t In Eden Anymore! How do We Farm In a Fallen World?

Balancing Money and Ministry at the Farmer’s Market

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