Your Weekly Cultivation #35

Due to having a busy schedule I am going to move to posting the Weekly Cultivation every other week for awhile:

This is what happens when you let a government be part of what government was not mean tot be part of:  Australian biosecurity officials destroy ‘irreplaceable’ plant samples from 19th century France

Check out Scott Terry’s  “North Country Farmer” Show and here is a link to last weeks interview with Graham Donahue of Growing Pastures Farm

Need some soap here is a post on how to make DIY liquid castile soap

11 Remedies for Heartworm Prevention in Dogs

Are you going to start a garden then here is How to plan a bigger, better vegetable garden

Do you want to start a community garden, here is an article on how to start one

Agriculture affects many areas of life and here are four areas where it can solve many environmental problems and improve health issues

Do you live in a desert environment here are some ideas on growing organic vegetables and more in desert climates

Why do we refrigerate eggs and they do not do so in Europe.  Guess it is OK for the cleaner that is used to go in the eggs as well:(

Dan looks at The Consumer: Time to Waking the Sleeping Giant and how while we can bash Big Ag it is after all driven by the consumer so maybe we need to look there just as intently

Here is Episode 4 of The Victorian Farm – if you want to see them all you can do so here.

The Secret History of the British Garden Part 2 – The 18th Century

Self-Sufficient Urban Gardening with Alys Fowler



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