Your Weekly Cultivation #34

Is your “organic” milk all you think it is: Why your ‘organic” milk may not be organic.  Truth is this is not restricted to milk as the label ‘organic’ has often just become that ‘a label” and is not what the consumer may think it is.

I have not had a chance to read this yet but this might be an interesting read: Soil Fertility and Animal Health by Dr. Wm. A. Albrecht

GMO’s – Top 5 Concerns For Family Farmers

Looking to build a partially earth-sheltered home, here are 5 tips

The Well Prepared Mama writes on What I Wish I knew Before I Started Homesteading

Looking to do some companion planting in your garden here is a list of some

Need to work in the garden getting rid of weeds – try the Planet Wizbang Wheel Hoe  that Herrick Kimball  sells the plans and some of the parts for but you make it yourself.  I have one and it works great.

Here is Episode 4 of The Victorian Farm – if you want to see them all you can do so here.

Edible Garden #3 – Roots & Leafy Greens

Interesting Documentary

Joel Salatin Talks Compost

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