Your Weekly Cultivation #33

If you do not listen to the North Country Farm Podcast you need to.  It seems lately I seldom can listen live (8PM EST on Fridays) but you can listen anytime after the show to a recoding of it.  This is from Scott who hosts the show:

“I’m setting up a special section on my website just for Patreon supporters. It will go live in June and will give you access to premium how to courses, videos and other useful stuff. If you have enjoyed the show and found it useful and entertaining, I would really appreciate your support. It would be great if we could at least cover the yearly expenses with small monthly donations. See the “Rewards Section” for details…”       You can sign up here 

The USDA has too much reach already but I guess it is not enough: USDA Silences Christian Farmers in Michigan 

Article from The Natural Farmer: Farming with Animals, Cover Crops, Manure, Mulches, and Minimal Tillage

It may just be me but something seems off with Cubic Farming and similar methods.   Does appear these methods, at least those at this site are very tied to the grid so not sure how they deal with it going down.  To me it is hard to beat God’s design for a garden but maybe I am just old fashioned:)

If you are in the Western North Carolina or Southern Appalachians area this search tool may useful: ASAP’s Local Food Guide. Wonder if there are similar tools elsewhere.

If you have looked up natural farming or permaculture you may wonder what the difference is.  Well here is one answer: How to Distinguish Permaculture from Natural Farming.

Always good to find lists of other bloggers as while all the info may not be what you are looking for having many resources makes the chances you do find what you need better.  Here is a list of 23 Homesteading Sites, I’m sure there are more and will post other lists in further posts.

Young Midwestern Farmers Want to Grow Sustainable Food – But They Need Help

Mobilizing veterans to feed America – Farmer Veteran Coalition

Here is Episode 3 of The Victorian Farm – if you want to see them all you can do so here.

Edible Garden #2  - Salads

The Secret History of the British Garden – Part 1 – The 17th Century

Joel Salatin – Solving World Problems (with Farming)

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