Your Weekly Cultivation #32

A Community Garden in Decatur that is a ministry of First United Methodist.  Check out Hughey Reynolds’ book The Land That Calls Me Home where he talks about the role the church plays in the recovery of small scale farming – yes it has a part.  You can also listen to an interview him at North Country Farmer Radio and another interview talking to Hughey a year later.

Soil fertility is a key part of growing anything and also what has been lost over time by ignoring tits importance and thinking one can just squirt or spread some chemical or product from the local farming store.  Here are 16 Methods to Understand when it comes to the fertility of your soil.

Consumerism plagues most of us – here are 9 Intentional Ways to Challenge Consumerism

How many of these 62 Edible Plants did you know were edible?

Do not take ticks lightly – Article on Lyme

Have you had your Dandelion Tea lately – maybe you should:  Dandelion Tea Great For Detox and Preventing Cancer

Got some old barrel drums that may have leaks or not being used for water collection, here is how to make raised beds from them

Here is Episode 2 of The Victorian Farm – if you want to see them all you can do so here.

The Gourmet Garden

Edible Garden #1 Peas & Beans

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