Your Weekly Cultivation #31

Hemp in Missouri: Missouri House Passes Bill to Allow Industrial Hemp

Hemp in KY: Senate OK’s Bill Updating KY Law Governing Hemp Growing

More hemp news: How one little plant could boot America’s economy

War kills in many was as in South Sudan it is creating famine by disrupting farming

More news on Glyphosate: Science Journal Calls for Immediate Review of Glyphosate Weed Killer.

And more as Court Rules Against Monsanto

Homesteading advice: Avoiding The Pit Falls of Failing as a New Homesteader

7 Reasons to Raise Rabbits

Suggestions for Companion Planting

If you did not already know this here is Why Americans Refrigerate Their Eggs

Equip International is having a Farming God’s Way USA  training session in North Carolina starting May 28th – June 2nd.  For info go to their event page on Facebook

I have posted the Wartime Farm videos before so over the coming weeks I will be posting the videos on The Victorian Farm – if you want to see them ahead of this you can see them all here.  For now here is Episode 1

While I see cool stuff here first and foremost I see indebtedness

Rural Not Rowdy – Britain’s Young Farmers

Seeds of Death:  Unveiling the Lies of GMO’s

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