Your Weekly Cultivation #30

A short list this week as things got busy:

When will we learn, we are not God and He will not be mocked:  Gene Editing Produces Tomatoes That Ripe Weeks Earlier

In time getting your garden ready are 27 Tips from a Master Gardener

Good post by Dan Grubbs: Stewardship and the Christian Farmer

We have lots of Red Buds around here in South-Central Ky but did not know you could make Reb Bud Jelly

Or how about Dandelion Jelly

12 States have bills dealing with the sale of raw milk.  Sad we can buy drugs that can kill us but not allowed to buy raw milk in most places.

Looking at homesteading: 9 Things to Think About

If you are looking to be more self sufficient here are 26 Steps to think about
If you cannot get your cows to come to you maybe you need an accordion

Need something new to rise, how about free range snails

The Drift – The Cattle Drive

Mob Grazing with Organic Pastures

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