Your Weekly Cultivation #28

Article my daughter wrote on her blog Hillbilly Blossom:  Saying Goodbye….For Now

Paradigm Gardens is an Urban Farm in the heart of New Orleans

Looking for ways to modify or improve your farm tools check out and see what they have to offer and watch the video below.

A list, with videos, of 34 Primitive Survival Skills that are good to know for survival and even for homesteading

A look at Unconventional Gardening Methods: Pros and Cons

Are you starting a garden this spring – might find some useful tips here

More tips for gardening if you Want the Healthiest Vegetables

Tips on ways to keep warm without spending more

While many cities and counties add restrictions to selling your produce it is good to see Denver Implement Urban Farming Program

Farm Aid looks at GMOs-Top Five Concerns for Family Farmers

Scott Terry of North Country Farmer interviews Jenni Blackmore author of Permaculture for the Rest of Us.  Also check out the interview with Jason Matyas from Beyond Off Grid which was recorded March 18th

Speaking of Beyond Off Grid have you gotten a copy of the DVD yet?  If not you can get one here: Beyond Off Grid Film

Videos for the Week

Paul Harvey getting started Video

Joel Salatin: What Gets Me Up in the Morning

Quite the use of a 1/4 Acre

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