Your Weekly Cultivation #27

Want to thank Michael Moss for the great links he posts that I often share here.  You may not know him but he is in a FB group, or two, I am in – Thanks Michael.

More on the Sam Girod story here and there are links in the article to past articles if this is new to you.  Really held without bail – bad enough he is being sentenced for labeling issues and bad enough there is maximum penalty of 68 years but no bail as well.  This is the Gov’t trying to flaunt it’s power because someone did not bow down to them.

Sad you do not see this more but it has been my experience that many who would want to do this are either dissuaded or not permitted to by Gov’t regulations:  Quebec Grocery Store Give Unsold Produce to Food Banks

No big surprise here: Monsanto Colluded with the EPARegarding Roundup and Cancer

Hard to believe, well not really, with all the “real” crime that takes place daily even in the supposed bastion of freedom “Texas” that sheriffs raid raw milk exchanges.  But then again as you have seen above a guy can go to jail for 68 years for labeling issues.  Sadly so many people are duped into thinking this is for the publics own good that there is not the uproar there should be.  Bottom line is if you think raw milk is unsafe no one is making you buy it but those that see its benefits should be not be stopped from buying it.

Working to get rid of and control weeds can be tough – here are 6 tips.  The issue we have here in KY is that often the soils is damp and when I use my wheel how it often just pulls up clumps of weeds.  If the rain stays away and it is either cld or hot they may die but if it rains they just take root again.

Often people paint homesteading in a light that makes it out to be idyllic, but here are 7 Truths about Homesteading from A Farmish Kind of Life

Over at Stoney Acres there is an article on planting in Zones 4 to 6 and one on planting in Zone 7

My renewal just came up so it reminded me to remind you to think about joining the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund

A tour of Purple Pear Farm in New South Wales Australia

The importance of understanding your soil and the use of cover crops

Economics of Draft Animal Power

Organic farming in Cuba by necessity

2 weeks ago I posted the Back to Eden video so here is Wranglerstar’s view on using wood-chips – again this is not the only way!  But protecting ones soil is of utmost importance.

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