Your Weekly Cultivation #26

After last weeks post it appears they put Sam Girod in Jail.  Sure glad the Gov’t is protecting us from those dangerous criminals.

If you are looking for a no-till drill this may be the one for you:  The Genesis No-Till Drill

Homeopathy is not just for humans: Homeopathy Simplified, for the Shepherd

Often it is proposed that the only way to feed the world is via GMO’s and even National Geographic wants to press this falsehood:  Flawed Nat Geographic Propaganda Claims Organic Farming Can Feed the World – But Only With GMO’s

This article is talks about the growth of the Organic sector due to America’s Appetite for Organic Food.  What is not talked about is whether this is sustainable as often when the growth of an industry is based on the ever changing desires of the masses they often do not last.  Hope it does last but you just never know with peoples fickle wants.

Article on the issues with farming in India and a possible solution being Zero-Budget Natural Farming

If you have heard of Mob Grazing but not sure what it is here is an article: Mob Grazing Made Simple.  This guy is skeptical of Mob Grazing but he only talks about cows and some I have read that use this method use a number of animals all of which eat differently but still good to hear skeptical opinions so we make sure we have looked at something from all perspectives.

If you are going to grow a garden it is important to think about what you are about to do: The Only Way A Garden Will Save You Money

If you are looking at homesteading you need a copy of Scott Terry’s Keys to Successful Homesteading.

Also, don’t forget to get a copy of the DVD Beyond Off Grid


OK it’s Romania Video Day 

Life as a Farmer in a Romanian Village – Trailer

Romania Hay Camp – Part 1 of 3  |  Here are Part 2 and Part 3

Romania Wild Carpathia

Discover Romania

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