Your Weekly Cultivation #25

My daughter writes on changes to take place at our home in KY: A Change in Direction

If you are interested in learning about hog butchering and you are in the vicinity of Brinkhaven Ohio, or willing to travel, check out Reformation Acres Hog Butchering workshop.  If you would like to see a recap of the last workshop you can do so HERE.

Chris Smaje of Vallis Veg, a small farm in the southwest of England writes on “Market Gardening”:  The revolution will not be market gardenized: some thoughts on Jean-Martin Fortier

Good to see the land being handed over to those that live on it:  Indonesian President Hands Over Management of Forests to Indigenous People

Yes you can go to jail for not labeling things correctly: Amish Farmer Sam Girod is in Jail.  Also, here is the latest from 2/28/17.  Also, KY Free Press has an Update as well on Day 1 of the trial.

When will the Gov’t get it and let hemp be the cash crop it could be:  Local Hemp Importer Waiting for Rule Change

Yes you can get Organic Rye Whiskey in Florida

In India a tech firm has it’s employees growing their own food:  Manyata Tech Park is Organic

Article that looks at the lab and the field:  Addressing the Gap Between Research and Practice in Sustainable Agriculture 

Good article on a foreigners thoughts on rural America:  An English Sheep Farmer’s View of Rural America

As I have mentioned before if you are looking at homesteading you need a copy of Scott Terry’s Keys to Successful Homesteading yet?

Also, don’t forget to get a copy of the DVD Beyond Off Grid

Permaculture Project in Portugal

If you have not seen the Back to Eden video you can see it here for free.  Good stuff in the video and much useful information but we need to realize that this is not the only way to garden as many have sort of taken that if you do it any other way it is not biblical and thus not correct.  My suggestion is watch the video and discern what you need to use.

Here is a Back to Eden update form October of 2016, documentary was originally released August 11, 2011

Looking to make a chicken coop


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