Your Weekly Cultivation #24

I will moving away from raising sheep and looking to sell our flock and some fencing in the next couple months.  Not so much a failure or giving up but need to be wiser about how time, effort and resources are spent.  With my work taking me away form home more than I thought it would I end up putting more work on my wife and daughter.  Figured also it would be more productive to focus on the garden.  If interested, we are in south-central KY, leave a comment.  I will be writing more specifics on this next week and also will probably put it on Craig’s list then as well.

And now to the usual content:)

Here is a list of Monsanto Free Seed Companies 

Like fried food well here is an article that looks at the healthiest oil to use to deep fry your food

Lots of information here on “Organic No-Till”

Mother Earth News also writes on No-Till Farming Pros and Cons

Need information on Raw Milk availability you can check here and here.  For poultry processing info you can go here.

Check out my daughter’s blog Hillbilly Blossom | A City Gal Gone Country 

Joel Salatin writes on the Staunton Curb Market

Consider joining the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund (FTCLDF) so as to help protect the rights of farmers and consumers.  There are a number of options from consumer to farmer.

Interesting in raising Bamboo for profit – Minimum Acreage for a Profitable Bamboo Plantation

If you are looking at homesteading you need a copy of Scott Terry’s Keys to Successful Homesteading yet?

Don’t forget to get a copy of the DVD Beyond Off Grid

Well if you cannot provide what people want I guess you can make what they want illegal:  Kerrygold Butter Was Too Popular


Sustainability in Modern Farming | Part 6


How about becoming a Carpathian Buffalo Farmer


Farming in Transylvania

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