Your Weekly Cultivation #23

 How to train piglets to an electric fence.

Grafting with Household Supplies

What to do when you cannot go to the doctor: Herbal Medicines You’ll Need When Doctors Disappear

Mother Earth News article on Beating Blues and Blight 

Noah Sanders of Redeeming the Dirt will be offering Hands-On Christian Agricultural Courses in 2017 

Recently was reminded of a statement that Mike Brabo of Vesterbrook Farm made a few years ago that is as true today:

“Is eating LOCAL really healthy?   Eating is a deeply personal issue, yet people really need to know if they are ingesting chemicals, toxins and GMOs which will have a long term negative effect on their health. As a farmer that has experienced cancer I am deeply committed to providing healthy, organically-produced foods to the greater St Louis community. There is currently a great emphasis in eating LOCAL. While I support the “Eat Local” movement I would add that the foods which are laden with pesticides, herbicides or genetically modified organisms are not magically “healthy” when they are produced within 100 miles of St Louis. It is crucial for consumers to visit the farms where their food is being produced. Ask questions, be educated. The recent exposure of horse meat sold as beef is an example. Who is YOUR farmer? “

Spring is not far away so are you ready to plant?  Here a couple resources: Garden Planting Guide & Garden Planning Calculator

To get your soil ready for spring you can look to these 10 Soil-Turning Tools

Have you bought a copy of Scott Terry’s Keys to Successful Homesteading yet?  If not you need to if you are thinking of moving to the country or know others who are.

Don’t forget to get a copy of the DVD Beyond Off Grid

Sustainability in Modern Farming | Part 5

Extreme Sheep Herding

Living Mulch Sustainable Farming Near Missoula

Farming in New Zealand

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