Welcome to CultivatedForGod.com

Thanks for stopping by Cultivated For God.   As we go through life God works to prune and cultivate us not simply for our good but primarily for His glory.  As our family moves from a decidedly industrialized lifestyle to a more biblical-agrarian one I am sure God will do much cultivating.  I pray that as God moves us and we share what he is doing that others will be encouraged as God cultivates them.  One thing I have already learned, and that most of us have missed because of our post-agrarian mindset, is that cultivation can be painful because it disturbs the present to improve the future.  That improvement, from our finite perspective, may not appear “good” to us at the time but we must simply trust it is and lean on the knowledge that when God works His glory WILL be displayed and that is the greatest good we can hope for.  His glory will be displayed, either in His working through our rebellion or through our obedience.

I pray this site will be both theological and practical, dealing with both orthodoxy and orthopraxy as one necessitates the other.  They are not to be segregated but one, orthopraxy, flows out of the other, orthodoxy.  Also, on the site there will be articles that deal directly with our move and what we have done, by His power, to live a more biblically agrarian life.  Thus the goal for CultivatedforGod.com will be to have everything from theological reflections on God’s cultivating hand in our lives to practical tips on living in the country that God has taught us from His word and His leading of our family.

Join us on the journey God has us on, a journey with His glory as it’s highest aim.

Grace and Peace,

Tony Konvalin and Family